Tandem GEN 12S-1500


The Gen12S-1500 provides a huge benefit for anyone relying heavily on generator power.  It saves fuel and extends generator life by enabling part time use of the generator.  Even better, the system comes wired and pretested to simplify installation.  The 12S systems are designed to be stationary systems (not mobile), and designed to interface with the customer’s electrical panel (1).

This application shows one of the big advantages to lithium batteries.  Instead of running your generator continuously for long periods or time, you can rapidly charge advanced lithium batteries whenever the generator is running, then turn off your generator and coast on battery power alone.  

The major components of the Gen12S-1500 are:  

• 12 volt,
• 1500 watt modified sine wave inverter,
• 2100 watt charger, 
• 12A@120V pass through from the generator, 

• 3 x 110 Ah lithium batteries

Note 1: Interconnecting the Gen-12S system should only be undertaken by a licensed professional.